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'Til November 26th

CRAP DUDES! Netflix (or as I like to call it, NETFLARX) sucked me in with their free trial offer period with a $20 gift certificate to some fancy online popcorn store. I just love popcorn dudes!

Honestly I will probably cancel it at the end of the trial period. Not only do I rock the library as hard as ever, and have a TON of stuff that I actually own to still watch, but ALSO my friend was recently promoted to like "official video collection buyer for SLPL" (I'm green with envy), and he told me to send over any suggestions/recommendations for stuff they should add to their collection (which I have done liberally, perhaps even to a fault, over the course of the past week or so since he told me to).

Someday, I might be a full-time Netflarx subscriber (especially once their collection grows beyond Bend It Like Beckham. What, you didn't get that joke? Oh, that's because you didn't watch the Netflarx video linked-to above. Oops, you're retarded! Now go watch it, and consequently understand the joke, for what that's worth). Heck, maybe this trial period will turn me into a full-time subscriber sooner than I think. Right now, though, the GRATIS nature of the library (not to mention, the excuse to go to not one, but three different libraries, each part of a completely different library system but each within 10 minutes of driving from one another) is just too appealing/convenient/awesome/familiar.

According to the plans offered on the website, I get a better one with the library (a virtually limitless number of DVDs at a time, for zero dollars per month, not to mention some stuff, such as locally/regionally-oriented/made films, stuff-not-available-on-DVD-yet-if-ever, and more that Netflix doesn't carry). I'd qualify that with "except for all the driving," but most or all of said driving is easy enough to work in on an "on the way to elsewhere" basis (and seriously, two of the libraries of which I speak are literally 2-3 minute drives from my house, and the other is maybe a 7-10 minute drive TOPS, so even if it's not on the way, it's worth a quick go). I WILL qualify it with "except for all the late fees and not-unlimited time periods for which I can have any given movie checked out," but I will qualify that further with "how long does it really take to watch a movie anyway?" and "some/most movies CAN be renewed many, many times" and "even with the relatively extensive late fees I rack up, I'm paying nowhere near even, say, an eighth of the monthly cost of that 'most popular' Netflix plan."
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