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Tonight I went to Dot LeGrand's house, since that is what I do every year on Halloween (usually at the end of trick-or-treating, but on account of Doctor's orders I didn't go trick-or-treating this year). I arrived at 9:15PM, had brought some movies I've worked on/made to show her, and even wore my burger-hat, but when I got there, all of the lights (including the porch light) were off, and no signs of life were present indoors. How truly disheartening! In years past (well, at least one for sure) when she wasn't there, she at least left us bags o' candy and an apology note. This year: nothing. I had gotten about 50 yards back the way I came when I decided, I should leave my OWN note! So I turned around, wrote a brief "I'm crestfallen!" note, and stuck it to the doorknob. Seriously, where the heck is Dot, dudes?

Of course I realized at some point that I have probably had contact with Dot more recently even than I've had any with Lauren. Where the heck is Lauren, dudes?

I thought about going to Greg and Beth Warner's house since I was so far west already, but I figured, if I went that much farther and they weren't home or some crap, 'twould have been lame! So I went to Target and Wal-Mart instead, and bought some Halloween OREOS. One time I ate a whole sleeve of Oreos at Matt Ressler's house.

This Halloween sorta sucked! Intended costume didn't come in the mail on time (finally arrived by the way). Didn't Trick-or-Treat. Didn't hang with Dot. The question is, was it really even Halloween if none of those things happened?
Tags: candy, costume, dot legrand, halloween, trick-or-treating, warners

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