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Ween @ The Pageant in St. Louis, Missouri; 10/22/07

  1. The Golden Eel
  2. Baby Bitch
  3. Spinal Meningitis
  4. Bananas & Blow
  5. Learnin' To Love
  6. Waving My Dick In The Wind
  7. Take Me Away
  8. Nan
  9. Voodoo Lady
  10. Your Party
  11. My Own Bare Hands
  12. Happy Colored Marbles
  13. Buckingham Green
  14. Zoloft
  15. Roses Are Free
  16. She's Your Baby
  17. Piss Up A Rope
  18. Don't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)
  19. Touch My Tooter
  20. Object
  21. I'll Be Your Jonny On The Spot
  22. The Goin' Gets Tough From The Getgo
  23. Pandy Fackler
  24. Dr. Rock
  25. Stroker Ace
  26. You Fucked Up
  27. Someday

  28. Ocean Man
  29. Never Squeal

  30. Fiesta

30 songs! Keith accompanied. Ween is good for what ails ya (or at least good for what ails me...quite so).
Tags: concerts, music, setlist, the pageant, ween

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