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UPDATE! I called Ikea this morning and was on hold for like 25 minutes. I resigned myself to phone queue graveyarddom, hung up, called back, and had my call picked up within 5 minutes (of course). They said that I should have received an "error" E-Mail since my credit card information was never taken. I didn't--just got the "confirmation" E-Mail saying I'd get a call within 48 hours or something (this was shortly after the purchase).

Anyway, the representative on the line assured me nothing would be shipped unless I gave my credit card information to someone, at some point. I never did, so PHEW! Then a few minutes ago I got another E-Mail saying "call this number and give 'em yer credit card information within 48 hours to get this thing!" but of course the shipping (which was finally listed) was almost $300 when the bed itself is $249...that's with the special carrier they use (the old way). Maybe I'll just find out if the UPS deal is in effect or what.

Here's a laugh: on the site they say "we will choose the shipping method that will get the product to you in the best condition possible." If I'm paying $300 as opposed to like $25, it better be delivered to me with a life-size golden giraffe.

I still hold out hope for St. Louis Centre becoming an Ikea. What better way...[you can complete that sentence yourself].
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