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Ikean't Figure This Out

Has anyone out there ever made an online order with Ikea?

I ask because I went to the website attempting to find out about this new shipping policy with UPS (which apparently allows you to get what you want [in my case this bed I've had my eye on for some time and may finally be able to afford like tomorrow] delivered for, you know, less than double the cost of the item itself, which is how you used to have to do it). There is an alarming dearth of information on shipping rates at ikea-usa.com or whatever. The information they DO provide is unclear at best and appears only to apply to states whose names begin with letters A-D.

So I figured hey, I'll do what anyone would do if they wanted to figure out the shipping: just try to place an order! Surely they will show the total amount to be charged to my credit card or whatever, including shipping, before I hit that final "yes, Yes, YES, I would like to buy this for the price indicated, that is my final answer Regis, check out NOW!" button.

Well GUESS AGAIN! In fact, I did not even enter any billing information other than my address before I got a "Thanks for buying this thing from Ikea!" message (which included the obligatory "you'll get an E-Mail receipt soon" type stuff--said receipt has yet to arrive, but should prove interesting). Allow me to repeat the main point of what I just tried to convey: I HAD NOT EVEN ENTERED ANY BILLING INFORMATION BUT MY ORDER "WENT THROUGH." What do they expect, just to deliver it to my door, charge any mystery amount they want for shipping, and stick me with a C.O.D. bill when they arrive? Tight then, I can get that $249 bed (it was $199 just weeks ago, of course) for like $500 or $600 or $10,000 (for all I know), what a steal. I truly cannot comprehend how a company so well-established (in so many countries, and on so many continents, even) can have such a confusing (dare I say downright crappy) online presence.

I tried calling the customer service hotline but of course their offices closed like 40 minutes ago. DURRP! Well add that to my "list of things to do before work" tomorrow, right there with "make sure paycheck direct-deposited correctly so I can fill my running-on-fumes-empty gas tank up" and "fill my running-on-fumes-empty gas tank up."

Oh, what a surprise, the website reads thus: "If you ever have questions before, during or following your order call 1-800-434-IKEA 7 days a week / 8AM-midnight EST Mon-Sat, 9AM-midnight EST Sun to speak with an IKEA Customer Service Agent." According to that, someone oughta be there to talk to me for the next three hours, not totally gone for the past hour.
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