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Yeah dudes I filled this thing out and was gonna post it as a MySpace bulletin (as that's how I initially found it) but then I remembered, I should only use MySpace bulletins for important stuff. ALSO, more people will probably read it here, honestly. AND, MySpace sucks. AND, this way I can change it if I want to! Mostly I didn't want it to just go to waste cuz I made a concerted (yuk yuk) effort to list out all of the "venues" to which I've ever been.

I wasted too much time filling this out, I wasn't gonna post it cuz I felt sorta dumb, but hell, I filled it out. Whatever!

1. How many shows have you been to?
Does anyone know for sure? Besides Matt Harnish I mean?

2. What was your first show?:
The first show I went to without my parents was Foo Fighters (with That Dog opening) at the American Theatre in March 1996.

3. Tell me about it:
It was tight. I went with Tom Zinkl and this dude who was a SENIOR (we were Freshmen?) named Mike who was awesome cuz oh my gosh, he had seen Nirvana live once!?

4. What's the farthest you've ever traveled for a show?:
Toronto, Ontario

5. To see who?:

6. What's the longest you've ever waited in line for a show?:
I guess I waited in line a few hours for Hayden. Pat Weston and I got to the Galaxy to see Sebadoh (February 1997) really early, like right after school, and just waited around. The guy even offered us free tickets, but we had already bought ours of course. Once I showed up to see They Might Be Giants at Mississippi Nights super-early, I met these dudes in this band from Granite City, I can't remember what they were called but I would totally know it if I heard it...dang. Something about Children or something? Oh, CHILDREN'S AUDIO, that's what they were called.

7. To see who?:

8. What's the most metal show you've ever been to?:
This question is in here almost as if going to metal shows is some "weird" or "out of the ordinary" thing, or as if you're supposed to put an answer in that is a decidedly un-metal band. Well to that I say, shut up. I saw Megadeth on Tuesday and it was awesome as hell.

9. Most emo show?:
What does "emo" even mean (anymore)? I saw Badly Drawn Boy in concert one time, is that emo? I really don't know.

10. Most pop show?:
Man these last few questions have been retarded. Didn't the person who penned this survey know that essentially everything that isn't performed by a string orchestra (and some stuff that is) is "pop"?

11. What festivals have you been to?:
Warped Tour St. Louis 2001, Lollapalooza 2005 and 2006, that one tour that had Flaming Lips/De La Soul/Cake/Hackensaw Boys/Kinky/Modest Mouse on it was basically a festival even if it happened at the Pageant.

12. Have you ever got a guitar pick from a show?:

13. From who?:
Kyle Gass but it's true, who cares?

14. How about a drumstick?:

15. From who?:

16. Setlist?:
Yeah dude I used to collect 'em

17. From who?:
Shit just about everyone. Sebadoh, Lord of the Yum-Yum, The Kelley Deal 6000, David Byrne, et cetera

18. Ever get anything else from a show?:

19. How many rockstars have you met?
What is a "rockstar" anymore? Every damned show I go to, I meet a "rockstar"

20. Who played the best set you've ever seen?:
Dang it would be too hard to name just one. I could consider anything from Lord of the Yum-Yum to Weezer's set at Lollapalooza 2005 to have been all awesome and crap.

21. Worst band you've ever seen live?:
I'm gonna go non-local cuz otherwise the list might be endless? Today Is The Day, at Mississippi Nights, when they toured with the Melvins and Helmet in 2000 or whenever that was? And when was that?

22. Name all the venues you've been to:
Okay I will try! All in/around St. Louis, MO unless otherwise indicated:

1608 Gallery
Archgrounds (Fair St. Louis)
BB's Jazz, Blues, and Soups
Borders in Brentwood
Brandt's Market & Café
Busch Stadium
Casino Queen
Cecil R. Hunt Gallery
Coffee With The Stars Café
Creepy Crawl
Delmar Lounge
Dutchill Downs
East Side Live (Columbia, MO)
Fort Gondo
Fireside Bowl (Chicago, IL)
Fontbonne University
Frederick's Music Lounge
Grant Park (Chicago, IL)
Hearnes Center (Columbia, MO)
Jamie Collins's basement
Just some huge stage set up on Washington Avenue
Lafayette High School Auditorium
Lemp Brewery
Mad Art Gallery
Mangia Italiano
Midwest Music Pit (Wentzville, MO)
Mississippi Nights
My Garage
Nigel Morton's basement
Off Broadway
Olde Glory Amphitheatre (Six Flags)
Outside in some quad at St. Louis University
Pat Weston's back porch
Powell Symphony Hall
Radio Cherokee
Riddle's Penultimate
Riverport Amphitheatre
Salon Miniscule (Chicago, IL)
Sally T's
Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk (Santa Cruz, CA)
Schlafly Tap Room
Some field at the Art Institute of Kansas City (Kansas City, MO)
St. Louis Art Museum
St. Louis Science Center
That one dude's basement in Swansea where COSTES played
The American Czech Center
The American Theatre
The Art Loft
The Atomic Cowboy
The Barrymore Theatre (I think? Someplace in Madison, WI)
The Belvedere
The Big Horse (Chicago, IL)
The Blue Note (Columbia, MO)
The Comedy Forum
The Duck Room
The Family Arena
The Focal Point
The Fox Theatre
The Funny Bone (Fairview Heights)
The Funny Bone (Westport)
The Galaxy
The Gargoyle
The Grandel Theatre
The Gully (2 different ones)
The Hi-Pointe
The Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center
The Metro (Chicago, IL)
The Muff Dive
The Note (Chicago, IL)
The Pageant
The Red Sea
The Rivoli (Toronto, ON)
The Roadhouse
The Rocket Bar
The Savvis Center
The Side Door
The Spotlight
The Tivoli Theatre
The Vic (Chicago, IL)
The Way Out Club
Tom Zinkl's basement
Tower Grove Park (Pridefest)
VFW Hall in Collinsville
Westport Playhouse
Winifred Moore Auditorium

I know I'll think of at least ten more by the end of the day. Post 'em as comments if you think of any that you know I've been to (or might very likely have been to)...OH WELL!

23. What's your favorite concert venue?:
My Garage. It was easy to get to, and I could get drunk without worrying how I was gonna get home. And just as importantly, no smoke.

24. Have you ever been in a mosh pit?:
I guess?

25. Have you ever crowdsurfed?

26. What's the worst injury you've ever gotten from a show?:
No injury was ever as bad as gettin' a huge loogie spit on the back of my neck

27. What band have you seen the most?:
They Might Be Giants, The Fantasy Four, The Whole Sick Crew, The Ottomen, Lord of the Yum-Yum, probably some other local dudes like the Floating City?

28. What band do you absolutely love that you've never seen live?:
Just one? The Rolling Stones.

29. Have you ever gone to two shows in two days?:

30. What's the most amount of shows you ever went to in one month?:
LIKE THREE MILLION! Nah, I don't know. Not THAT many, maybe 10-15 tops.

31. What's the largest amount of money you've ever spent on a ticket?:
Lollapalooza was expensive (generally $100+ after the handling fees and crap)...too expensive for me to bother with it in 2007 anyway, especially since the lineup was the worst it'd been since Lollapalooza stopped being a traveling festival.

32. Smallest amount?:
Well I think everyone's been to a free show; beyond that I saw OK Go at the Duck Room once for $1.05

33. How many shows do you go to per year?:
Between 1 and 400. Closer to 30 than either of those, though.

34. How many shows do you have planned out for the future?:
1) Ween @ the Pageant, 10/22/07
2) Dr. Sketchy (this Saturday) will be a show of sorts!
3) Probably that Conformists/Nerve Parade show at Mangia on the 29th?
4) Kevin Nealon @ The Funny Bone (Westport), 09/28/07
5) GunShy @ LNAC, 10/24/07

35. What are they?:
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