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My Gourd dudes, seldom has a payday been so highly anticipated for purposes other than an ability to pay the bills! Tonight is Crozh's birthday party at the Dave Coulier stand-up show; Bunnygrunt's 400th show is Saturday night and I'm playing a few of their songs, as are other people--I've skipped outta the TMBG show for this; Tuesday is Megadeth with Dan (I already have tickets for the two events named that will require them, though); of course there's Ween show and a Kevin Nealon show on the horizon, I need to get the DVD sets of Degrassi (yes, all of it) in anticipation of our forthcoming Degrassi club, and I'm going to visit Grandma in early October and then to Chicago the following weekend. HOOOH that's EXPENSES baby!

Man it has been 20 months (practically) since I last gave a real post! Not yet, though. Soon my friends SOON! You shall know all about my "new" job and whatever else (lots) that's happened in the past year and a half PLUS.

Hopefully Donruss is going to sorta co-captain the Squids softball team in the present/future which is pretty awesome, we are still working out the kinks of that and positions people should play, et c. The Squids has come to encompass so much more than just softball (and what it encompassed prior to softball, of course) in the last 20 months by the way, my gosh dudes who ever knew the Squids would branch out so bigtime? WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THE SQUIDS!?

Soon I promise!?
Tags: concerts, entertainment, money, squids

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