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Oh, and then there's the list I was gonna make in my actual entry, of persons who came to Beastor's last night as a result of myself:

  • Aaron _______, friend of James Gregg
  • Stephanie Acosta
  • Shannon Connelly
  • Lizz Edele
  • James Gregg
  • Tiffany Hacker
  • Tim Heitert
  • Courtney Klein
  • Kyle Mayer
  • Jessica Merritt
  • Myself
  • Ana Peters
  • Coire Reilly
  • Scott ________ (Al's roommate)
  • Jessica Seratti
  • Hannah Wolfe
  • Alex Younger
  • At least two other people with the Tiffany Hacker/James Gregg crew

Prob'ly twenty or more, then. Man, what a great party house.

And of course, as with all lists I make like this, it seems as though I've forgotten some people, whether key or otherwise.

Also, after the party, Ana & Courtney & Al & Scott & Jessica S. & I crowded into Courtney's convertible whatever which is supposed to fit five persons max, and took Seratti home, then the rest of us went to the on-campus grocery store (Schnucks) and Ana bought some pasta or some croutons or some crackers or something, I'm not really sure what, cuz I was a little drunk (at least--a bottle plus of wine will do that to you), and furthermore, it wasn't really important. On impulse, I bought five boxes of cereal while we were there. Then Scott and Al and I were dropped off at Chamberlain (apt. complex where such folks as Al, Scott, Kyle, Josh Sigman, Matt Hartmann, now Tim, and formerly Coire, live), and we took the two drivers that Scott and Al recently purchased for a matter of $2.00 or under, each, at thrift stores, and went to the railroad tracks behind Chamberlain, and hit a bunch of rocks off of the tracks. Sparks flew, lemme tell ya. Then we went back inside and it wasn't long before I dozed off. That's all.

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