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Last night we went to the Mad Art Radio Hour, it's thing they brought back by popular demand--a '30s/'40s/'50s-style radio show with a live audience and live voice actors, performing mini audio plays; sound effects people with extensive tables full of noisemaking bric-a-brac (NO prerecorded sounds, they made them all right there with various props), a live band, announcer, et cetera. Local businesses sponsor it, and they break between some of the dramatic readings to sing/perform commercials for these businesses.

We went to one back in November or something and it was one of the most entertaining things I'd ever done in town. If you're into being entertained, or into the history of entertainment itself, and you're in St. Louis, you should try to make it out. I think they have a matinee at 2PM today, and then the regular show at 8PM as well, which is going to be put on KDHX 88.1FM (I'm not sure if it'll be live or not). I wanted to get the CD of the November performance but it was a kinda-steep $10 and I'm strapped a bit right now!

We also went to Don Beasley and this girl Jessica Russo's art show at Fort Gondo after that was over, and it was pretty sweet. Fort Gondo shows are really cheap apparently (like $150 if you want a show up for a month?). Don and I made a verbal agreement that I'd buy all of his pieces for four dollars (I was willing to go up to four and twenty-five but he didn't drive a very hard bargain!). Natalie of The McGees was there and later Peat Henry showed up, my gawrsh. Today I'm getting a bunch of junk having to do with my car fixed, and later there's softball practice, an all-movie-question Trivia Night (let me know if you want to go, cuz I need a team), and BEYOND! I also need to finish that Kolchak movie cuz I was too tired to finish it last night.

And yes, I still plan on updating this journal someday soon to outline events of my life occurring between mid-January 2006 and the present!
Tags: art show, mad art, radio show

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