February 6th, 2016

Andrew Gettin' Sentimental

Funerary Guest Book

Man, is there anything more depressing than a funeral guest book? Especially one that still has the "Space for over 1000 entries!" sticker on the front? ESPECIALLY one whose actual entries number but 36?

I don't know if I have this thing by accident or design, but I didn't realize I had it until I was doing some cleaning today and it turned up. At first I just thought "Oh that's just some thing Mom had and gave me; I'll use it for a Googz E-Mail list sign-up after/if the notebook I'm currently using ever runs out." But then I opened it up and realized it was actually the guest-book from Grandma's funeral (four years ago now). It made me wonder: for whom are the guest-books at funerals, really? For what reason are people compelled to write their mailing address down? It appears as though somebody did put "NAME" and "ADDRESS" headers at the top of the first page (of just over two that were ultimately filled). Mysteries abound!

Anyway I am totally still gonna plan to use this as a Googz/Pancake E-Mail sign-up book whenever/if ever the current notebook fills up. Cuz c'mon, space remains for well over 950 entries! No point in letting it go to waste! Grandma woulda agreed.
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