RØB Severson (jabberwocky) wrote,
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Lousy Week Numero Uno!

Guys it has been a rough week and a half or so. My computer went haywire, followed shortly by my iPod (so the iPod trouble is undiagnosable on account of the computer's inability to properly function). I've eaten out six of the past seven nights, which is good for neither paunch nor pocketbook (to say nothing of my apparent physical inability to bring myself to work out). I got a speeding ticket. Our softball game was rained out. A Sharpie came uncapped in the pocket of my favorite pair of pants, causing nasty stainage to the pants and the bathroom counter (one cleanable, one not). Things are coming apart at the seams! I woke up on Thursday thinking it was Saturday. There were things that happened last week and weekend that are so unspeakable and embarrassing that I don't even want to address them here (or anywhere, at all, ever again). I try not to exaggerate but I think this might have been the lousiest 2-week period of my adult life! And my birthday was in there somewhere even!?

I don't recall ever feeling so much like I wanted to just hibernate through the next two years.


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