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DreamJournal 05/05/07

Last night I dreamed that I was on the Baltimore Homicide Squad, but our office was in this crappy cellar or old-ass subway station or something instead of the normal room. Baltimore was a hilly town, and kinda rural in the parts on my way to work, and I drove on this tiny yellow Asian-made motorcycle that was good at climbing hills. Lt. Girardello needed to promote someone to Sergeant and he asked Meldrick Lewis if he wanted the job but Meldrick didn't. Then he asked me, and Beau Felton (who was apparently promoted earlier) and Kay Howard were trying to convince me to take it. It would have required working much longer hours and crap, ultimately I refused and the offered the position to John Munch. At some point I was being nice to Munch cuz we were buds but then in a moment of dramatic frustration I revealed that Meldrick and I had both been offered the position before Munch took it, he was kinda like "damn."

Later on Lise Johnson (looking nothing like Lise Johnson of course) and some unidentifiable friend of hers came to visit, I couldn't really tell if they were visiting Baltimore or St. Louis but I was still on the Baltimore Homicide squad I think? Anyway Lise and her friend got locked in our cellar-headquarters one night or something and I couldn't find them but went back there and was like crap you dudes got locked in! By that time I think I had been promoted after all (or I remember thinking I had cuz now I had the keys to the office-cellar), but I don't remember any other detectives in that part of the dream.
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