November 21st, 2009

PIT - Flax


SLIFF count: 20 feature films seen in the theatre since last Saturday afternoon. All of 'em enjoyed to varying degrees. Somehow I worked in an appearance on Jeopardy!, a Chuck Berry concert, a trivia win, and bowling league night in there, too. Still to see: 8 feature films and a shorts program before tomorrow evening. Come on out and see a movie with me!

The St. Louis Art Museum is a lot of things, and a lot of GREAT things, but it is a TERRIBLE place to see a movie (at least, in the main auditorium there). Or maybe it was the print of Saving Grace B. Jones? I don't know, but the sound especially was TERRIBLE. Why didn't they do that screening at the Hi-Pointe? More seats (it was sold out), better sound, larger screen, cooler theatre, concessions, et cetera. I guess it is possible/probable that the Hi-Pointe does not have DVD-screening ability or something? I feel relatively confident the print we saw was just a DVD. The movie was not even close to among my favorites of this year's festival, and I admit I mostly went only so I could try to get Connie Stevens to autograph my Connie Stevens CD (which didn't even come close to working out because I bolted from the theatre as soon as the movie was over in order to see The Missing Person, which Ryan Samul shot and which I thought was rather tight). Art Museum to Plaza Frontenac in 12 minutes, baby!

Wellp, I have a movie to catch at 10AM for FREE! I think today is the biggest SLIFF day yet (five full movies and a short).