August 13th, 2009


The Breeders @ Blueberry Hill's Duck Room In University City, Missouri, 08/07/09

  1. Hoverin'
  2. Little Fury
  3. I Am Decided
  4. Walk It Off
  5. Divine Hammer
  6. Night Of Joy
  7. No Aloha
  8. Do You Love Me Now?
  9. New Year
  10. Cannonball
  11. Saints
  12. Happiness Is A Warm Gun
  13. Iris
  14. We're Gonna Rise
  15. S.O.S.
  16. Fate To Fatal
  17. Huffer
  18. Bang On
  19. Safari

  20. The She
  21. Overglazed
  22. Drivin' On 9

  23. Fortunately Gone

It was packed in there--I later found out that it sold out and they had to turn people away at the door, but at least Karen got to sell her ticket, she wasn't feeling so hot after she got there.

It seemed more populated than the Pop's show in May of last year, but that's probably because the space is much smaller than Pop's. It seemed more crowded in there than either time I saw Chuck Berry this year, but I think the sell-out for Berry might be set at a smaller cap than other shows.

Anyway it was tight, those Deal sisters were all smiles, I knew lots of people there, AARG had a strong showing, it was mega-sweet, the end!

Chuck Berry @ Blueberry Hill's Duck Room In University City, Missouri; 08/12/09

  1. Roll Over Beethoven
  2. Memphis
  3. Carol
    >>Little Queenie
  4. Let It Rock
  5. Mean Old World
  6. Maybellene
  7. My Ding-A-Ling
  8. Rock Me Baby (B.B. King)
  9. School Days
  10. You Never Can Tell
  11. Johnny B. Goode
  12. Reelin' And Rockin'

The set was a little bit longer this time, and he actually did do the duck walk--across the stage and into the backstage room. Eric Von Damage had a copy of St. Louis Magazine that featured Chuck Berry on one side of the spread and Bunnygrunt on the other that he wanted to get autographed but Chuck went back to his room before our part of the line could get up to him. Dang! Karen did get her birthday card signed, though (it was her birthday).

The opening band, New Soul Cowboys, were a riot. I loved it, they owned their set so hard, they were wailing super-tough and had sexy black leather/cowboy hats and the like, and their set was introduced by an audio montage of soundclips from movies and music all about cowboys. Also at some point in their set was an audio montage of Ennio Morricone's The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly score with some lines from Dirty Harry.

Then Joe and I tossed our bikes in Coolhand's car, my bike seat came loose and nobody had the proper tools to re-tighten it. We went to Atomic Cowboy, where Quiche and Bill Parmentier and Matt Wicks and all these gals we bowl with were hangin' out. Later a handful of us (Anchovy, Adela, Coolhand, Joe, Karen, me) went to Courtesy Diner and Ann took me home cuz my bike was still janky. I reckon we are going back next month to check out Chuck again and try to get Eric's magazine signed! Tickets go on sale this Friday and I won't be around to get 'em but I reckon someone else will (Eric, Karen, et cetera).

EDIT oops, I had "Mean Old World" on that setlist twice. Maybe the set was about exactly as long as it was last time...still, Chuck seemed more on top of things this go-'round.