February 18th, 2009

Ron Brushes Teeth

Bad Schedulin'!

Crap-doodle, dudes, I'm in a real bind!

The RFT Music Showcase, which was by far one of the best days of 2008 (perhaps the best, hands down), and which I have pretty well promised myself I'd never miss again, coincides with the final day of the 48 Hour Film Project, for which Pancake Productions has perennially put together a team, and which itself always ends up being a stand-up time.

Yikes-a-roonie! What to do? Part of me remembers the past coupla 48HFP years wherein I didn't do too much on the Sunday thereof besides hang out with the editor and say how certain things should go, and then later, turn in the tape, but of course I don't want to make myself unavailable in the event I should prove more necessary than that. After all, the 48HFP is all about not knowin' what's gonna happen next!