October 31st, 2008

McCheese In '08

McCheese In '08: The Jack-O-Lantern

In case my new LJ userpic, that Inspirational Poster I made and posted here the other day, my Halloween costume, and my word weren't enough to convince you that I really am voting for Mayor McCheese on Tuesday, maybe this will:

It's a video rather than a still because the image and text wrap around the pumpkin (both vertically and horizontally) more than a still image could thoroughly show. Note the somewhat botched attempt to make the "M" resemble the golden arches. This whole thing took me over 3 hours and made my hand (and back) hurt like heckfire (and I still had to go to bowling once I finished, in fact I was late cuz I was finishing).

Unfortunately last year(Depress-O-Ween)'s Lurch (from The Addams Family) jack-o-lantern has been lost to the annals of unrecorded history, from what I can tell. Two years ago I made this bad boy (which crops up from time to time as an LJ userpic):

And the year before that I won first prize (a set of costume moustaches) at Autumn's pumpkin-carving party/contest for my unicorn head, but I can't find the pictures of that, either.

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Halloween Is My Middle Name...


Holy crap I just mapped out my Halloween 2008 itinerary using MapQuest, starting here at work and ending at Beastor-X's house, and with all the stuff in between, and apparently I'm gonna be in the car for about 1 hour and 50 minutes.

That doesn't include the 35-minute drive I took to work this morning or the 10-minute drive home from Beastor-X's.

Glulp! Well, you know that's one heck of a night. It also doesn't include some mandatory in-between, potentially-out-of-my-way stops at McDonalds (for my costume, not necessarily for consumption, but there will likely be plenty of that, too).