January 30th, 2008

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Harnish Eats: A Pictorial Essay

Yeah dudes last night I witnessed this--my first eating contest (starring Matt from Bunnygrunt!). Pictured (L-R) are: Matt Harnish pumping himself up to eat (sitting), Matt Harnish pumping himself up to eat (standing), and Matt Harnish, after eating. I think he came in last place but it was mondo fun to watch/be there. I think the contest took about 3 minutes to end. Hammerstone's is kind of a cool place, plus Karen Ried (also of Bunnygrunt!?) bartends there.

Also I posted a bunch of stuff to Flickr for the first time, so now that you've all added me as a friend, you can check'm out (WARNING: They are not in chronological order. I will be more mindful to upload pictures to Flickr in chronological, or some kind of sensible, order, in the future).