January 14th, 2008


Every Little Piece!

I just watched the movie Pete's Dragon. When I checked it out of the library I did so at the same time I checked out A Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master and the librarian muttered something about "an interesting juxtaposition," hah hah. Seriously any given librarian scanning out my videos probably has no idea what to think, but that was perhaps the single most stark contrast between two titles I've yet managed.

Anyway I hadn't seen PD in probably a solid 15+ years. Only in watching it did I realize that I must have watched it a TON as a kid, some of the scenes were very much still fresh in my mind, I knew how the movie was going to start (the first shot), and most other scenes I recalled very vividly. I was surprised that all those songs I recognized were all from the same movie! I mean I knew like "Every Little Piece" and "Candle On The Water" were from it, but I found myself recognizing (not to the point of sing-along-ability, or even the point of "I could have told you what that was earlier this afternoon," but still recognizing) basically 100% of the songs.

It is one incredible movie! In this case, it was also a TRIP DOWN MEMORY LANE, wahoo! The character of Dr. Terminus has one of the best wardrobes in movie history.