December 15th, 2007


Squidvia XRII

Tell yer friends & families & whomever else! IT IS COMING SOON!

The 7th Annual Xmas Round II Celebration!

It's not so much a concert this year--it's actually a Trivia Night charity fundraiser! Also, for the first time since XRII's inception, booze is not only allowed, but encouraged! BYOB or partake of one of the Schlafly Hefeweizen kegs that'll be present.

I could use a lot of help with this thing, so if anyone's feeling particularly charitable, or wants particularly to do a lot of snail-mailing on someone else's behalf in the coming handful of days, let me know.


Why, Do I, Stay Up, 'Til Three?

Holy jeez, stayin' up 'til almost 6:30AM...that was a first in a WHILE! Especially since I was in my own house alone the whole night! I did get some reorganization-type stuff done, which was pretty much the point. And uploaded some YouTube videos too! Today: more of the same!

I was going to rake leaves, but snow happened. Ouch! It's still mega-chores-day, though...I might put off cleaning out the car (since I don't have a space heater for the garage).