August 24th, 2005


Days Like Today

Climate-wise, days like today (or at least, this morning at 9:00AM) are the best. You don't have to turn on any sort of climate control, whether at home or in the car. You might even roll the windows down (in the car) or open 'em up (at home). It's not too cold to wear a T-Shirt, and it isn't too warm to wear a light jacket or sportcoat. There's no rain, no oppressive sun, and of course no snow or hail or sleet--at most, the occasional slight and most welcome breeze (8mph or so). Relatively low humidity and somewhere between partly cloudy and overcast.

If I could choose one climate for it to be full-time, I'd choose this climate; the one that it was while I was walking to work from my car this morning.

I haven't been outside since then, but it appears to be slightly sunny now. It hasn't rained at all. Of the air temperature I have no idea, but we don't have the air conditioner on here inside.
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