February 16th, 2005


Oh, The Things You'll Discover!

I just found out via his MySpace page (which I didn't even know he had 'til just now!) that Russ Olson is apparently going to Korea to teach English or something on February 20th. I wonder how long he's gonna be there.
Can You Identify This Flag?

Reelin' And Rockin'!

Can't talk long! I just thought it'd be funny to post:

Courtney and I got to Blueberry Hill at 6:45PM, where we waited in line and met some nice (older) folks from Memphis and Chicago. We were second (group) in line, the first consisting of three dudes. Then at 8:00PM they opened doors and we went down and basically got the best seats in the house. I ran back home upon finding out that flash photography is allowed and also to get some stuff for Chuck Berry to possibly sign!

Holy crap this is gonna be so sweet. See you dudes LATER!
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