February 3rd, 2005

Monkey Cheers On Elephant

You've Gotta Be Kidding Me, Right?

Not only did I get a (E-Mail) reply from L'Académie Française, but it was speedy, too! Unfortunately, it is somewhat bad news:


Il est préférable qu'acteur garde son sens précis. Le mot joueur est suffisamment polysémique.

Joueur, en français signifie, entre autres, "qui aime s'amuser". Si un acteur est très joueur, devrait-on dire "Ce joueur est très joueur" ?

Il me semble que l'anglais n'a pas remplacé actor par player et que "to perform in a play" est plus élégant et concis que "play a part in a play".


Patrick Vannier

What a joke. In any case, the closing credits in my movie will read:

Les Joueurs
(Oubliez L'Académie Française)

Ron Warner, Bobbi Jo Leykam, et c.

Maybe I should have brought up the fact that I found "performer" as a translation for "Joueur" in this French-English dictionary from 1898. I don't even know what that last paragraph he wrote is about; I never argued that "to perform in a play" was less elegant or concise than "to play a part in a play," and plays were the least of my worries anyway (I should have also brought up film, TV, et c.). In any case, it seems like he addressed an issue that had nothing to do with my inquiry! Some academy member HE turned out to be. Also, he talks as though I suggested that "player" replaced "actor" in English, which is far from the case (read last entry to see what I wrote). I happen to think "player" used to mean "actor" in English is a more antiquated and cool way to talk about actors (in plays, films, or anything) but I'm hardly under the impression that it's more popular (I'm not delusional, for goodness' sake). It's like "way to pretend like I said things I didn't, and then proceed to basically make fun of me in a holier-than-thou sort of way for having 'said' them." Jackass.

I promise someday soon I'll make a proper entry, a really long one, with updates about what has happened these last few days. I'm trying to cut down on my at-work internet usage, especially LJ, so it's only occasionally that I'm on here at work (and for some reason I've gotten in the habit of updating from work so I never seem to remember to update from home). Plus this week is a busy one.
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