October 20th, 2004


Trivia Community!

I spent some time yesterday trying to find a good trivia community on LJ, something that was frequently updated and had a good variety of questions (as opposed to, like, JUST movie trivia, or JUST sports trivia), and I was mostly disappointed with the results. A lot of them looked like they were pretty okay, but they'd been sort of neglected for a long time. If I start a trivia community that asks trivia questions in "fill in the blank" poll form, how many people who are reading this right now will join and be active therein? I think it could be sweet.

Of course, internet trivia that isn't under time pressure often sucks cuz you can basically find the answer to any damned trivia question at Internet University through Professor Google, so it'd sorta be on the honor system. Is there any way to avoid this, or does anyone otherwise have any suggestions?

ADDENDUM: I'm thinking of calling the Community "trivia_rockout"--what do you guys think of that? And who else will join? I mean, heck, if it's just me asking a bunch of trivia questions to Jessica, that's fine, we'll have fun, but it'd be sweeter if we got lots of people involved and maybe someone else could take the torch of question-asking at some point (cuz as much as I like coming up with and asking and moderating trivia, I do believe I'm even bigger on answering it). Hell, maybe at some point we'll throw in some sweet dollar-store White Elephant-type prizes for the winners! Let's make it HUGE!
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Trivia Community! (Part II)

Kindly join my new Trivia Community, "Trivia Rockout." Especially for lovers of all things Trivial!

I'm gonna try to make a new post once a week, but if that proves way easy, maybe it'll be more like every other day or every day, for that matter. I reckon each post will contain the answer for the previous question. Comment on the entries to submit yer answer (no fair Googling, Yahoo!ing, Altavista-ing, or other-search-engine-ing, and no fair lookin' at other peoples' answers!). Hope ya like it!