September 19th, 2004


Statistics Geekdom

So with a little help from Joshua and an expertly fast 10-key ability, I've input all of the information of my car's miles driven, miles per gallon, amount spent on gas, et c. I put TOTAL, MEAN, MEDIAN, STANDARD DEVIATION, MODE, and RANGE rows at the bottom cuz I'm interested in stats, dudes! Here is what you've been dying to know about my car (this also employs my newfound HTML knowledge of tables!--also, obviously some of this information, such as "TOTAL COST PER GALLON," is mostly meaningless):

STD. DEVIATION42.21521.86992.0916$0.208$3.64

Some of this information may be sort of inaccurate, or at least misleading, I guess. I can't imagine that my car is actually fluctuating with an MPG range of 13.344 (at least not all the damned time!). Also, I know for fact that since I got my car, I've put more than 55,360 on it! I think I didn't document the first trip to Madison, or very much of the March 2002 trip to San Francisco, for example.

This information spans a time period from when I bought my car (A Ninety-One Blue-Green Volvo 240) in August 2000 to the present. Pretty interesting!

I also had all of these functions performed on the "dates" column with some interesting results, but those're hardly pertinent, right?

Anyway, from this, I found it interesting that in over four years, I have never paid the same (total) amount for gas more than once (I know this because the MODE function returned an N/A for that column, for those less statistically inclined). Also, that I've spent over $3700 in the past four years on gas, seems like oh my God, if only I could rely on public transportation entirely, that'd be more like...well, $2400, which is still a ton, but is $1300 (also a ton) less than $3700 (the MOTHER OF ALL tons!).
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