April 19th, 2003


Kickteen Milcolt

Holy shit! What a crazy day!

First, I woke up too late for French. It sucks, cuz I had skipped it once this week already. Yikes.

I showered, ate a little, and went to Film class without doing dishes like I thought I would. We discussed end-of-the-year screenings and parties and such. I feel bad that I really have nothing to contribute to this part of the filmmaking process (editing). I'll prob'ly still show up to hang out and make suggestions or whatever, I guess I just suck when it comes to non-linear editing.

Then I hung around for awhile, "worked," and the clock on the computer I was using at work was way off (an hour), so I left for the Rosita Awards totally early. Well, I went to the editing lab to try 'n' get some of the Peat Henry biking movie put onto a computer someplace, but had the rottenest of luck with that, for all of an hour. Then it was time for the Rositas, and there was lots of great Mexican (I don't think there was any other kind) food there, and I ate a lot of it. I didn't win any of the three Rosita awards--in fact, all three winners were ESL students. Oh, well. BummeR. Then I went to the BFA show, and saw lots of folks, and art, and towards the end, I busted out the tape recorder, but shortly after I'd arrived, Ron and I started doing the wandering minstrel thing; singing songs for people we knew, and some that we didn't, and generally just being buffoons and giving people their Mustardfish art-show fix (literally, people were all like "Hell yeah!" when they saw we'd left and come back as Mustardfish).

Around 10:30PM, I left to go pick up Hannah for Pat Walsh's big bash. I was supposed to get her around 10:00PM, but didn't arrive at her place 'til like 10:50PM. It was all right, cuz she'd only gotten home some minutes before. Lizz and her friend Kent came over, but since the party was so far away, and they didn't know that at first, they couldn't go. What-ever. Hannah and I picked up Kyle and went. It was like a 35-45 minute drive, nobody was really counting. We got there, and it was huge, and there was food and a bottle of the pink champagne that I love so, and Pat said I could have it! So I drank most of it, then realized I had to drive home, and Kyle demanded that I throw the bottle, still with like two inches of champagne in it, off the deck and towards the neighbors' kids playhouse thingie. I did, and Pat saw me, and was disappointed. But not nearly as disappointed as he was with the hole punched in his wall, or the fight or two that broke out, or the assholes having sex on his bed. It was sorta bad news. Later on I played some Mustardfish tunes for Mike Jostedt on my ukulele, which he'd previously brought in for fun cuz he was getting bored. The music mix was generally good. I'm sorry I had to miss so much of it, but Hannah and Kyle wanted to go. I saw a lot more people there than I thought I would--besides Mike, Mike, and Ryan of the PTA, I saw these girls Ashley and Lauren, who were in Pat's overview (the PTA music video), and Jason Meyers, who was in both Liontown and Grumboon (he lives there), and speaking of which, Aaron Crozier was also there, with Suzanne Stockhausen and Eric(k?)a Ritzel(l?) (all three of whom I'd seen earlier at the BFA show). Then this Jeremy guy, who lives there as well, was there, and this guy Denny who came to Jason Young's birthday party like a year and a half ago (Nov. 9, 2001) at our place here, and Louis Fucking Loazia, for God's sake, whom I'd not seen since Freshman year, after which he dropped outta Webster and did whatever. I wouldn't have recognized him at first, but he approached Hannah, and then I was like "HEY I LIVED ON YER FLOOR!" Well, it was a good time, and at various points I was playing "Where Is My Mind?" on guitar for a roomful of people, and eating cauliflower, and interviewing people with the tape recorder, and generally trying to be a hotshot, to some avail. Hannah and Kyle wanted to leave, and it was sorta winding down anyway, so we did. It's interesting to see Pat all drinky, since he never drinks.

Then I drove Kyle and then Hannah home, and now I'm back here, and BOOLAH BOOLAH!

I'm not stressing about a post-college job anymore. I have some BACKUP PLANS (or maybe some of them are primary plans, sorta) that'll provide just fine! Now, about where the money to do this Senior Overview is coming from...

...Not to mention, the money to go to Geneva (apparently I can't audit the class, I'd have to take it for like one credit-hour or something, I don't know. I mean, it seems silly for a person like me never to have studied abroad, but then again, I busted my ass to graduate on time, as I'm going to do, and I've BEEN abroad, even if I haven't studied, and I really really really just can't fucking afford it, for goodness' sake. Oof). Sheezus.

Tomorrow it's PRUNE and possibly workin' on this guy Chad Ruthsatz's film as an extra and maybe helping edit the Advanced Film project a little and also trying to dump my Advanced Cinematography project onto some hard drive or another, to be edited in some way. I'm thinking, since I really have no better audio to put it to, that it'd prob'ly make a pretty sweet Pubes music video, with some editing tricks. I can't see it working with a song that's not about biking, though. Or any song that's not about exactly what happens in the duration of the film, you know. Whatever, though. We'll see what happens! But first, I'll see the insides of my eyelids. BYE.
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