March 22nd, 2003


Friday, I'm In Love. Fucking Psych.


Tonight was more than just a little fucked up, for so many reasons. Right now I feel like if I typed it all out, A)I'd fall asleep doing so, and B)It'd end up being the longest LJ entry I've ever made (and you prob'ly know my LJ tendencies if you're reading this--I write very long all the time). (B) could just be an overreaction. Anyway, I'm a little upset about tonight, but at the same time, there were laughable parts of the night. Sweet Das Vidania.

Suffice it to say, though, the show rocked and videotapin' time was fun. And John Roslevich has a shitload of GREAT lighters, I found out this afternoon. I'm dozing off from fatigue (and no drunkenness whatsoever, seriously) and I am supposed to be at a film shoot in three hours. Fuck me.
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    The Whole Sick Crew - "Honest Sailor"