March 5th, 2003


I Just Found Me A Bottle O' Blues

I've been listening to Beck's Mutations a lot, if ya couldn't tell from the subject line. I really need to complete my collection of Beck's LPs by getting Midnite Vultures and Sea Change. When did I get so lax about buying CDs? OH YEAH! When I went fucking broke.

Last night & this morning were really bizarre. I got some room-cleanage outta the way, but still have aways to go. Here's hoping I can get it done by Friday, or even more hopefully, Thursday night, or even more hopefully, by the time tonight ends, even. Eek.

So whattaya all think about the ROADKILL playin' a show with BUTT in Kansas City in early May? Anyone game for road trippage? Actually, I might change my name before then. I STILL haven't decided. I guess eight years is a long time to have a band name, even one as stupid as "the Roadkill." I think if I'd thought of it all those years ago, I'd just have called it "Googolplexia" all along. Now that I've raised the notion of wanting to change it, I just don't know. Maybe I should release some initial stuff as Roadkill and then other later stuff as Googolplexia? But then, I'd have Surkranikhan syndrome, and I definitely don't want that. I guess if I'm gonna change, I should pretty much change before I do any recording or play any more shows. Maybe I could do a trial run of Googolplexia. It IS harder to remember than "the Roadkill," that's for sure...but then, it's not quite as hard to remember as, say, "Surkranikhan," since it's based on actual words and all.

Yesterday was Jessica's 21st birthday. She came home drunk to the point of not even being aware of what she was doing. I'm not going to tell you how I know this, because it's embarrassing and disgusting and even a little unbelievable; more for her than anyone. Or rather, only for her. Like, you'd think diff'rently of her if you knew. Well, I hope it was fuckin' worth it.

I can't imagine being irresponsible enough to drink to the point of blacking out. Passing out is one thing, but when you're still actively doing stuff and you don't realize it; that's just a scary point of drunkenness to which I hope never to get. Why can't people be happy just being drunk enough to pass the hell out? Maybe my boy Jason can answer that. ; )

All I can say is, shit better be restored to order by the time I return home around 5:30PM.

Ahh, Beck. We take comfort in thee in such grievous times.

Grievous times? What am I talking about? My girlfriend comes into town tonight!!!
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Saving Saviola

So I rushed over to Sverdrup Building, afraid I'd be late for class, cuz if you're there after roll has been taken, you don't get counted, you're just absent that day, and three absences is bad news. I'm not sure how many I have, but prob'ly more than I should, since I haven't actually missed class once. Anyway, I ran over there, only to find that class was cancelled!

That's pretty great, ya know? I talked to Anne Blakemore and Emily Snyder for awhile. Now I'm back here at the ol' LAB!!! Time to put some more hours in and listen to the Lemonheads, got it?
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