February 24th, 2003


It's Tough To Be A Toon

The damned CTA was running late last night. It tried to make up for itself by running express between various stops, but still didn't make it to the airport early enough for me to make the last flight out. And the first two flights out this morning were booked solid. So I had to take the flight back that arrived here in STL around 10:50AM. Class (in which I was to have a test on French literature) starts at 11:00AM, so that was a no-go. I'd E-Mailed my professor last night about how I was trapped 300 miles away, and he E-Mailed me back this morning telling me where he'd be at what times so I could get the thing over with. I went in to see Brian (French teacher) and he was like "are you sick?" and I said "Yeah, I sorta have this throat bunny thing going on" and he was like "do you just wanna take it tomorrow?" and I was like "Yes, that sounds just FINE." Well, I planned on just skipping my other classes (Law at 3:30PM and Scriptwriting at 5:30PM), but now that I'm up here, I figured I'd put in a little time at work and then go to Law, but skip ol' Scripty-Wipty since I don't have the assignments and will prob'ly just be feeling absolutely lousy by then anyway. Plus, I have to come up with a portfolio review statement by tomorrow, and then I have portfolio review Friday, for which I need to put together a reel at some point. Ugh.

Well, at least I had an impromptu blast in Chicago, and a better-than-average time with the College Bowl team in Lawrence before that. We only won two games: our first (against SMSU) and our last (against Kansas State). It was pretty sad. There were two Freshman on our team, and I was the only Senior, and considering all of this and that I wasn't originally supposed to go, we did pretty well. I got to see Steve Mueller again, and that was nice; it was just like old times, except I wasn't the Captain (though I was pleased to find out they wanted me to stay in and play the whole time, and not sub me out), and Steve wasn't playing. Oh, well. It was good to see the ol' boy for the first time since like January of 2001 when we went with a group of folks to see Traffic, anyway.

Then on Saturday after we ate free lunch (not to mention, dinner the night before and breakfast that day!), we hit the road for home, stopping once to fill up and get some more free food (WENDY'S!!!). They actually gave me a Frosty in the "Biggie" cup, like, the 32oz. one, which I've never seen before; usually when I say "gimme the biggest Frosty you can" (which I do actually say, yes), they give me the 20oz. LAME. Well, then we were back at Webster around 6:30PM, and I went home and chilled and got lazy and called Courtney and decided we'd hang out on Sunday.

Sunday came, and the ticket agent let me get on the plane even though I was there too late cuz Metrolink was pulling away as I pulled into the parking lot thereof, and then the next train didn't leave 'til half an hour later. So, I got to Chicago as soonly as I could, and we went to McDonalds for breakfast, then ate some soup & crackers, then to the Lincoln Park Zoo and later to a record store and the grocery store, then watched some Beavis and Butt-head and ate some free homemade pizza during a floor meeting. Then we tried to get me on the flight, but failed, even after having gone all the way to O'Hare. Then it was time for BED. Damn, I was tired. I still am, really. Of course it was a rock and roll time and much was done, though.

Tonight should be full of a bunch of stupid crap. I want to go to bed right now.
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