February 17th, 2003

Takin' The Cake


Why Why Why?

Why's this stupid ink cartridge all screwin' up?

Why can't I find the postcard I wrote like 15 seconds ago?

Why can't I prioritize correctly?

Why's my room such a disorganized mess?


Well, I had a somewhat relaxing day of just sitting around inside and doing nothing. Around 09:30AM, I called Kyle (he'd called me about twenty minutes before that) and we decided to call off the Three Amigos shoot. Then Bill called me around 11:30AM and told me he was calling off the jam session we'd scheduled for noon (it was for the best, cuz after falling back asleep after calling Kyle, I didn't re-set my alarm as I should have, and I didn't get Bill's message 'til, like, 02:00PM, when I woke up). Then later on in the evening, I called Aaron Crozier and told him I'd be unable to make the meeting cuz I didn't wanna drive, and while that was entirely true, I also had work to do and I didn't really wanna leave the house at all. Instead, I tried to do some assignments, and I screwed around on the internet, and I cleaned my room a little, and I watched both South Park: Bigger, Longer, And Uncut, which I'd never seen, and later still, The Princess Bride, which of course is da best. Also, I hung the speakers that were atop my television on the wall instead, and therefore had more room on the TV to put stuff. Plus, it just looks cool, having speakers suspended from the wall. Ya know?

This room really could use even more organization, though. Why can't I ever bring myself to go through all these boxes that've been here since my parents moved (as you may remember, late June/early July 2002--!!)? I'm too damned lazy about that. I should also pick up an application from Kinko's soon, very soon. I need my priorities to be straightened out. I talked to my mother tonight. It didn't really solve anything, but it was somewhat comforting; I think I'm going to visit Texas before month's end. It'll be good for me.

In the meantime, I think the Fantasy Four play sometime this week, and assuming I can get the money together, I'm excited to go see them; it's been ages since I saw 'em play (indeed, maybe it's been ages since they played--darned bands with no web presence). Then this coming weekend is the big College Bowl tournament in Lawrence Kansas--whee!!!

But let's take things one step at a time. Anyone for a French paper?

OH! And check out some o' my new icons! Or, just wait 'til I use 'em in a post if you like surprises. !!!
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