January 26th, 2003



Yes, today was sort of a bust.

I woke up later than I'd have liked, or later than I ever like, around 01:30PM. I wasted lots of time 'til Pubes practiced around 04:00PM, then came home, got here around 06:00PM. Wasted a shitload more time, waiting before I was to go ice skating with Lauren (from whom I never heard back) and Lexie, and Lexie drove all the way out here, but while she was en route, I found out that the website shows the skating rink stays open 'til 10:00PM on Sundays, but the phone number machine thing says 09:00PM. So, I met up with Lexie where we'd agreed to meet, only to have to tell her the bad news. We went to her old work at Riddle's, where she had a few checks waiting for her, which were much larger than she'd expected. We had some beers, then decided against both a movie at the Tivoli and a Superbowl party (the Superbowl was just ending, I think, but I wasn't watching it on the TV in the bar--hell, I'd planned on being at the rink, for goodness' sake) for various reasons, then Lexie got some call from her friend Brady and she took me back to my car and then I came back here. Man, I've been waiting to go ice skating for so long, and now this. DAMN. What a bust.

Superbowl Sunday is sorta stupid.
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