January 9th, 2003


Cheers To Gears

"Hey RØB, thanks for being such a big supporter of Butt."

That was the greatest quote of the night, and it instilled a sort of pride and responsibility within me that was really nice. Good work, Amy. And thanks.

Who knows what to think about anything anymore, right?

Jeezus, I came home and it was like five-thirty AM. Good God almighty.

I got the handbills printed and copied, but unfortunately I left the master at the copy place, which I'm too embarrassed and skeptical to return to (they prob'ly trashed it by now). I suppose I can just tape together four of the copies (there are, in fact, four diff'rent types of flyers--collectible and fun!)

Pink Champagne rocks. WOO!

And I'm exhibiting in an ART SHOW on January 17th at the old Crowe T. Brooks gallery, which is now called Art Co-Op. Eek!
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    Ray Charles - "Sinner's Prayer" (Thanks Brian)