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Abandon Hope Of Short Entries
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Tuesday, November 12th, 2002

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What follows is a list of all the bands and performers with whom I've shared a show, in alphabetical order. A star (*) indicates I was a member of the band/performer listed. Numbers in parentheses indicate multiple times played with a given band/performer.

317 Band, the (×2)
Collins, Jamie
Conformists, the
Contradictions, the
Dean Grey
Ded Bugs, the
Disturbing the Peace
Eskimo Village (×2)
Fake Brain
Five Story Fall
Forks, the
Frogs, the
*Fruition (×2)
Grey, the (×3)
Groovie Ghoulies, the
Hart, Tami
Michalski, Bill (×2)
MoNads, the
*Mustardfish (×12)
Phallus Chalice
Pilarski, Sara (×2)
PTA, the (×2)
*Pubes, the (×5)
Rabino Rabinowitz
Randall Pink
Reactions, the
Reejees, the (AKA Five Guys Dicking Around, or whatever)
*Roadkill, the (×5)
Rock Over London
Sex Robots, the
Shaber, Sam
Spring Loaded
Stink, the
Swift Kixx
Tolentino, Patricia (×5)
Weston, Patrick
Whole Sick Crew, the (×2)

: I prob'ly forgot some at any given time, and I'm bound to play more shows before deciding to get rid of this journal, so let's just say that this list was most recently updated on November 12, 2002.

Current Mood: Modde, As in "Don-Modde"

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