August 18th, 2002



Well, I got back from wherever this morning. Let me explain.

Tuesday morning, I flew to New York City's LaGuardia airport. After wandering for about half an hour, I found Brad, and we went back to his & Martha's summer place to drop off Suitcase McGee. Then we went and saw the clock at 5th Avenue & 22nd Street. It works now. We had a street vendor's hot dog on the way to that. Then we saw Times Square briefly, then Brad had to go to psychological study time, and I went to Washington Square Park. I wandered around, reading placards about Garibaldi and Shirley Baker (I think that's her name) and some dude that helped promote the Bessemer Steel corporation to what it is today, and then I was looking for the WWI flagpole when I decided to play chess against one of the famous Washington Park chess people. I lost, of course, went to meet Brad, then we each made $4.00 doing another study across the street from the first one, then we goofed around and went to pick up Martha. We stayed up awfully late that night, and I don't really remember why. The next day we went on the Staten Island Ferry to Staten Island, only to turn around and come right back (leaves every half hour; takes half an hour each way). Then we went to the Field Museum, and that was pretty excellent. We went to the John Lennon memorial and Strawberry Fields whatever as well. Then we went looking for miniature accordions to play in the subway, but the ones we found blew. We tried retiring early that night, and I don't remember what else we did. The next day we went to Rockefeller Center in attempts to see the Conan O'Brien show that day. We failed, and went to Coney Island instead. We were swimming at the beach, and Brad's tobacco got all wet, and that pretty much set the stage for the rest of the trip. I got some cotton candy and some f-in' great ice cream. We took naps then went to Central Park to see They Might Be Giants's official 20th anniversary show. It was excellent, though we didn't think we'd get in at first. They played such songs as "I Palindrome I" and "Dig My Grave" which I don't believe I've ever seen them play live before (though the first two times I saw them are sort of hazy). Robin Goldwasser sang on "In The Middle, In The Middle, In The Middle," but not on "The Guitar," and furthermore, we missed the *People Are Wrong* revue and the Moldy Peaches. Some other band also was playing, and they sounded a bit like 50 Foot Combo, but we hadn't gotten in by that time. We ate some falafel, then went to bed for like an hour and a half, then woke up for airport time.

I missed the 07:00AM flight to Phoenix via Dallas, since it took about an hour and a half to get to JFK from their apartment, but I got listed for the 09:50AM for Phoenix via St. Louis. I missed that, too, but got on the noon flight for Phoenix via Los Angeles. Carrie and her friend Duncan met me at the airport, then Duncan dropped us off at Carrie's. We ordered pizza and hung around with Lindsay 'til Josh came home. Then we called Angie and she came to pick us up. We went to some bar and fucked around, then went back to Angie's for party time, but I konked out around 01:30AM (by that time, though, I'd been awake for 27 hours, excepting the five or so hours of "plane sleep" that I got, which to me, doesn't count). The next day, we went back to Carrie's to get my stuff and so I could take some shower. Then it was back to Angie's for some hardcore nothing-doing (lots of TV watched), then we went to the bar again, and then to this girl Katie's party. I got some Lindeman's Framboise and that always rocks. Then Josh and some dude named Joe, I think, came with Angie and me to the airport at midnight for my 01:30AM flight to St. Louis, which was empty and quiet. While I was waiting for Metrolink, it started raining somethin' awful. I hoped Russ would be there to pick me up at the station, but I hadn't actually called him. I got to the Delmar station and called him from a payphone in the pouring rain (something I'd not have done, were it not raining), to find that he was, in fact, in the parking lot. The inconvenient setup of the Delmar (and, I'd imagine, many other Metrolink stations) led me to have to walk a ways in the rain 'til I got to the lot. We did omelet time, then Russ did nap time while I stayed up playing video games, unpacking, and watching some DVD Simpsons. More recently, I did some naptime of my own for about four hours. Now it's almost 10:00PM, and I have a big day tomorrow--even without school, which also starts. It was a good last ditch vacation, and it's good to be back, and since nobody has our temporary phone number, I suppose I'll see 'em all at school tomorrow or later on.
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