July 16th, 2002


Quid Pro-Am Quo

I've added Mustardfish to STL-Pulse online. Use the links as you see fit.

We have a show tonight. Come see it. See previous entries for information.

Tonight I went to Vintage Vinyl around 10:15PM to attend the Flaming Lips "party" and basically wait around and do nothing until the album came out at midnight. They had some trivia and contests and stuff and gave away concert tickets and T-Shirts and then they gave everyone promo flats. I got one for Travis and waited around outside Vinyl for him 'til 12:30AM, but he never showed up. So I've got a flat for ya, Travis.

I saw some dudes I sorta knew there and was talkin' to them throughout the night. I bought a Talking Heads record and the Rolling Stones' Hot Rocks on vinyl, and also the soundtrack to Close Encounters of the Third Kind, which was 99¢ (also vinyl). They were playing the new Flaming Lips album, complete with commentary by the Flaming Lips themselves (at least some, if not all, of the "commentary" was made specifically for Vintage Vinyl, given that they were referring occasionally to St. Louis and Vintage Vinyl in particular). It was wicked. Then I stood in line (even held a girl's spot cuz she didn't want to hear the album before she bought it and took it home to listen to with her friends), made fun of some CDs in the $5 and under rack with the guys behind me in line, talked about the Flaming Lips, eventually bought the stuff, waited outside for Travis, and finally saw Peat Henry drive up, talked to him for a short spell, and walked home. Amanda, Matt, and their friend Donnie got home soon after and we watched part of Dumbo and some Flying Circus. Lauren and Jaffa and some other folks were having some quasi-party at some Ann girl's house, but I was feeling pretty much like "It's time to stay home the rest of the night"-ish, and nobody explicitly invited me or otherwise really told me how to get there, so I just stayed here.

That's about all. Tomorrow, it's SLIFF Office/school/Target/bank/post office/mall/Ron's parents' house/Way Out Club time (in approximately that order).
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