March 22nd, 2002


There's No Aphrodisiac Like Loneliness

So last night I went to see Star Death, Tracy & The Plastics, and Le Tigre. It was pretty boss.

Yesterday morning, I woke up sorta early (say 8:00AM) and went to my parents' house to meet Nick Gartner, a guy from my film class who was possibly interested in using my parents' house for his Film II final. However, he pretty much decided against it, but his staying there for so long disallowed me from attending LHS, as I'd planned to do, to meet up with Claire (of The Clox) in trying to get her a copy of our CD, as well as anyone else at LHS that'd want one, I guess. So I didn't go to LHS, I just hung out with Nick for awhile, figuring "I'll just go to LHS tomorrow." I went to school, which started around 1:00PM, and went 'til about 1:50PM. Then I had a ten minute break before French Lab started, and I walked around, and saw Tiffany, who's back from Thailand. Lab lasted 'til 3:00PM, and then I had a French oral exam at 3:30PM, but between class and that, I went to try and find Ron before he went to work, so that I could ask him if maybe he knew what, exactly, Flora meant by "intervention" in assigning us to prepare a ten-minute intervention. I mean, I didn't really know if that meant, in particular, that we could just talk about our vacation, or if we had to present a viewpoint about something and argue it, or to analytically speak about a work of art, or what, so I was sorta curious and nervous. I eventually just fuckin' went up there, and asked Flora about it before starting, cuz I could have easily talked about, say, Alice Et Martin for ten minutes if telling her about how I used French on my Spring Break wasn't good enough. Instead, she said basically I could talk about anything I wanted. So I told her about the French people and the French tour on vacation. It lasted long enough, and I guess I did all right or whatever. Anyway, as I descended the steps in Webster Hall, I saw some Vegan propaganda, and read about how dairy cows and egg chickens are treated like shit and only live about a sixth of their respective species' life expectancy. As I finished this (actually, some of the text was unreadable cuz whoever'd made the particular flyer I read didn't know much about Desktop Publishing or whatever they used to make the flyer, as was evidenced by the fact that the last of the text was lost behind some picture of a cow or something), Jessica Jarvis, who I'd not seen in who-knows-how long came up and we talked for awhile, and then as she had to leave, Kyle approached from below, and I talked to him and walked to the Registrar and stuff with him. Then he went home and I went to the media center to check out a camcorder to record Megan's voice with, for Gonna Be Late. I don't know if I mentioned or not that I've been working on finishing that up with the credits and the sound and whatnot. A call to Megan's cell phone yielded no answer, and her lack of voicemail forced me to stop by her place, which was no big deal since it was on my way home anyway. While there, I convinced Lexie to come with me to see Le Tigre, and found that Megan was too stressed with her upcoming BA review to do much besides quickly eat before taking off for school or something. Well, Lexie and I, in Lexie's new car, headed first for Streetside Records, where They Might Be Giants were doing an in-store performance and signing at around 6:00PM. Since Le Tigre doors weren't 'til 7:00PM, I decided we oughta go. We did, and I watched 'em play some songs like "Mammal" and "Meet James Ensor" and "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)" and a few others that I don't remember right now, and then some huge mass of people started to attempt to approach the table where John & John were signing autographs. Then the Streetside employees decided to basically bone the entire side of the mass that I was standing on by saying that everyone had to form a straight, single-file line, starting over on the other side of the mass. Well, I was basically like "fuck it," and went outside to find Lexie hanging out with some jokers like Justin and Gote and some other people I didn't know at all (as opposed to Justin and Gote; one of whom I don't know very well, and one of whom I'd just met, respectively). Then we went back inside (just Lexie and I) and I discovered that Streetside now sells vinyl, and almost every record they have is something keen, though perhaps a little overpriced. The line didn't seem to be shortening any, and I'd more or less given up on getting the autograph, but then I figured why not, cuz John Linnell NEVER gives autographs, and I had his solo album insert with me, so I got in line. Well, by this point, apparently Streetside's manager had decided that nobody else could get in line, so this employee was standing there making sure no one else did. I begged him, and when he still said no, I asked to talk to his manager, being as how I'd been there since forever and just hadn't gotten in line. His manager, for whatever reason, instead of just saying "just go get in line, it's all right" made it all complicated and told me to inconspicuously wait around until they were done signing and it was the employees' turn to talk to the Johns. Well, instead of all that shit, as the line was basically gone, I just sorta got at the end of it, and manager lady was nowhere in sight. It was only after the Johns were basically like "Well, that's it, then!" that I stepped in for my autographs, and John Flansburgh said "Well, ya snooze, ya win, I guess!" and gave me his autograph. Then he asked me if I subscribed to the E-Mail fan letter thing, and I told him I wouldn't be there if I didn't (it's sort of true, though I think Jaffa knew about it and woulda told me when I called her that morning from my parents' house). I got the Johns' autographs and went to Meshuggah's, where Lexie had gone. She got some drink, then we went to Mississippi Nights, eventually found parking, and went inside. We were worried at first that it'd be sold out cuz Lexie had no ticket even though I did. We got in fine, and I just sorta stood off to the side for the opening local band, Star Death, who were all right, but whose bassist was really f-in' awesome. I was uninclined to buy their CD or whatever, however, after I found out their name. Then I sorta moved up and talked to Jaffa and Chelsea and Emily and some other folks I know, and was standing in the middle of the floor, about three or four rows from the front, for Tracy & The Plastics. That was some really great shit, and I bought her LP and her self-made home video editing handbook pamphlet with the measly $11 I'd brought (after the show was over, that is). Then Le Tigre came on and I was pretty much in the same spot, and it rocked and shit, and then it was over and I got Tracy's autograph and JD & Johanna's autographs, but Kathleen Hanna had apparently already left, and Lexie and I were keen on leaving ourselves.

Lexie had some messages on her cellphone, one of which was from Nora, her friend from Olympia. We returned to Lexie's place and then there were plans for Lexie to pick up Nora, and after just sitting around for awhile at Lexie's, we got Nora. When we got back to Lexie's, Megan had returned, but she was leaving. Then the three of us hung out for awhile, and while my meeting with Nora didn't go as planned, I now am planning on enacting a so-called "second first meeting." More on this later.

So I got home really late, and when my alarm went off this morning, I didn't feel like visiting Lafayette High School or working on the film project. So I just kept hitting snooze, then went to work, for the first time in over two weeks. It was pretty great, though at times obnoxious. In all, beneficial, though.

Tim Engleman(friend from Middle- and High School with whom I sort of had a kind of falling out in Junior and Senior years)'s father died from a heart attack, as I found out from some co-workers who had talked to Chris Martin (former co-worker and guy I graduated with and friend of Tim's) earlier today. I will probably attend the viewing and stuff tomorrow.

I just re-read this entry, and realized how boring and excessively detailed it is. I can only assume this is the reason all of my entries are so long. Does anyone actually read the whole thing, or do you all just skim it, or do you just skip it? I expect to hear a response to this from EVERY SINGLE PERSON on my friends list, or at least, EVERY SINGLE PERSON who has me friendlisted. I guess that you'll be revealing your answer to the question by not answering anyway.
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