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Guys I have finally decided to buckle down and get a YouTube account! However, "pancakemaster" is already taken as a username. NO BIGGIE I tried to get "pancakeproductions," ALSO TAKEN. Here is the deal:

PancakeMaster has not logged into YouTube in 7 months.
PancakeProductions has not logged into YouTube in 2 months.

Sure I could choose some other name, but my spectrum of names registered for online resources is already so large that it's annoying to have to keep track. I'm willing to bet that if I could get a hold of one of them (especially PancakeMaster; I mean seven months?), he/they would let me have the account maybe? In any case it is worth a shot. The only way I know to contact them, though, is through the "Send Message" function of YouTube, which--you guessed it--requires you to have an account. I don't know if these messages go to E-Mail or like some YouTube messaging service or what; I assume they might at least get an E-Mail notification...

SO MY FRIENDS WHO ARE YOU-TUBERS: Would one of you please contact this 30-year-old Australian and request that he/she turn his/her account over to me? If we don't hear back from him/her within a week or two maybe we can try the dude(s/dudette[s]?) at PancakeProductions...

COMMENT HERE AND LET ME KNOW IF YOU CAN/WILL HELP and feel free to proceed on the matter if you're the first to comment. THANKS EVERYONE!
Tags: pancake productions, pancakemaster, youtube

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