June 28th, 2000


All Of Also

You know, it seems as though every time I come upon something good, I come upon something bad; bad to a larger degree of bad than the good thing was to a degree of good.

For instance, there was the time I realized I was making a TON of money at my job, and then two of my good friends broke up with their girlfriends.
Or the time when I started actually buckling down and cleaning stuff up, and finally getting my room together again after being away at college, and then I realize that I need more shelving, and that regardless of what I do, I'll prob'ly need more space, since my room is only about 8' × 10'.
Or the time when I was gonna get my own phone line, but then the Southwestern Bell home page was all messed up, and I haven't had the opportunity to do so since, and it's really a chore to actually get online, cuz my brother doesn't realize I have to f*cking work in the morning, and he's on at 2:00AM, the only time I get an opportunity to go online.
Or the time when I realized that the pressure of buying a car may be significantly lessened by the fact that my friend's mother is selling quite a nice car for relatively cheap, then my friend breaks my heart with a story about the so-called "girl of my dreams."

You know, in all honesty, I could think of a jillion other things, but I don't reckon that many people care.

I'm still wanting to hear answers to my question/poll from my last journal entry. Come on, people, you comment on everything else; why not on that? Anybody? Anybody?