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Abandon Hope Of Short Entries
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Tuesday, May 16th, 2000

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Just got back from seeing Gladiator with Ron. It was good overall, but the first thirty minutes or so made me seasick and for a short while after that it was as boring as heck. It picked up, though, and ended up being a pretty rad movie. The way they made the Coliseum look was especially impressive.

Seems like everyone was looking for a job today. Ava came over bearing some pretty freakin' keen birthday gifts (she had to leave kinda soon; maybe it was to look for a job), Bobbi came over unexpectedly and she was lookin' for a job, Padt was apparently looking for a job, and so was Ron...Nigel and I are gonna go do that (kinda) tomorrow morning...this morning, rather. So, I'm scheduled to awaken in six hours; guess I'd best get to bed now. LateR.

Just got back from Taco Bell on Olive with Nigel. I work there on Thursday, and why not? My current job certainly didn't schedule me for this week...in spite of a huge note I wrote telling them to. Besides, if what Nigel says is correct (and I do trust his judgment, as he worked at this place with these people for a matter of years), I could end up making (at least) 65¢ or (as much as) $1.15 more than I do now. Anyway, we shall see. Now, it's time for more organization of the room and setting up of the life...I got the TV and VCR installed yesterday, and cleaned out the drawers in my dresser, and while those were major steps, I've still a ton to do. Over 'n' Out.

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