May 10th, 2000


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Well, it's seven-freakin'-thirty-seven AM, and I'm awake. I'm about to go get some breakfast (What, you ask? Me? Breakfast? 'Tis true!), then maybe look over the Sociology bull one more time. Why did I talk to Ron on the phone so much last night? I don't understand. Bowling at the National Bowling Hall of Fame and Museum today; that should be fun. I've never been there. Lots of stuff happening today; gotta study for Psychology final, and bid farewell to a person or two who's/who're leaving today or tomorrow or at some unheard of early time. Now, for Breakfast...

(no subject)

My Sociology final was something of a joke; thought-provoking questions, but no real substance. I mean, I think I could have never attended that class and still managed to pull of a good grade. I never opened the textbook but once, to read some interesting story in there. There were prob'ly others, but who cares? I'm sellin' that mutha' back to the bookstore ASAP. At any rate, she (my professor) graded my exam right there, did a few simple calculations, and told me that I ended up with a 420/450 in the class, a 93.33333333(et c.)%, in short, an "A." No problem. Tomorrow is the Psychology final; I should study later today, but prob'ly won't 'til after bowling. Still got some homework to do, too. We'll see waht happens. Now, it's time to do one of the following:

2.Watch movie (variation on "slack")
3.Study (did I type that?)
4.Bowl (but prob'ly not for a short while)
5.Play chess with suitemate Al (another variation on "slack")
6.Bid farewell to friends/acquaintances who're moving out today

Yes, the year is winding down...rather, it's basically over, and people are moving out, and in spite of everything, it's somewhat saddening. I'd better go before I start bawling. Over 'n' Out.