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So I am hosting/emceeing this Trivia Night that I also wrote, this weekend in Washington, Missouri. It should be tight.

The dudes who are making the movie for which the trivia night is a benefit (Zak, Dustin, Lucian) posted something on TriviaNights.net about the Trivia Night, as anyone in St. Louis would be smart to do. In the listing there, it is recommended you E-Mail Ethan [at] iDesignFilms [period] com to get more information or to register a table. For the past several days since that post went up, I have been wondering who this "Ethan" is, cuz as far as I knew, these are the dudes with iDesign, and Zak's the only other dude who would have anything to do with this, and none of them go by "Ethan."

So much so to the extent that yesterday I saw Kevin in the library and he, having intentions to attend said Trivia Night, was asking me how to go about registering, whether he pays me directly or what. Obviously I'm not taking money or organizing the thing, I'm just hosting it. So, I tell him all about the ambiguous "Ethan" about whose identity I'm unsure, but tell him that Ethan is the guy to E-Mail, even though I'm not exactly sure who that is.

I think during this encounter I even said something like "Yeah I don't even know who Ethan is, but I guess he's with iDesign; he's the guy to E-Mail."

Then tonight, at Lemmons Trivia, I asked Keith if he knew who Ethan was with iDesign Films, and he didn't. FAST FORWARD to just like five minutes ago, when I was IMing with Zak, trying to find out things like how many teams were registered so far. It occurred to me to ask him who Ethan was, since if anyone knew, he would, and of course his reply:

"Ethan is the name of the movie we're working on."

DURRRP I definitely auditioned for (what I hoped would be) the lead role in this movie, and was a big fan of the script after reading it...somehow the two just didn't quite meet in my brain.

I coined the term "Dragnet-theme" as a verb (or even noun, or adjective) to commemorate this idiocy. You can all feel free to use it, as in "Man, I sure Dragnet-themed that up," or "That sure was a Dragnet-themed thing to do," or "What a Dragnet-theme I have been lately."

Then when people ask "Dragnet-what now?" I can reply:

Dum, Da DUM-DUM!
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