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Quinze Jours Dans La Vie (Et Qui S'Inquiète?!)

Yes, it has been a long time since I last updated.

Here I am at work, on a Sunday morning. Said morning follows one of the best parties ever; probably pretty easily the best one of the semester. Hold on a second.

God only knows how much newsworthy stuff happened to me since last posting; I know I gave Maysam (sp?) a ride home one night really really late, all the way back to West County, and I saw the Clox play at LHS's Battle of the Bands, and I made a T-Shirt for that, and I went to a party at the Corbeta Corbata house, and I met my downstairs (and upstairs, for that matter) neighbors, and some several of my friends graduated (among them Matt, Amanda, Pat Walsh, Dan Meehan, and Coire Reilly). We played a show at Coffee With The Stars Café, and the trip to Geneva for summer pretty much got cancelled, and I saw Les Savy Fav at the Creepy Crawl, and I went to Fairmount, Indiana with Jaffa to see the James Dean Gallery, which rocked, and I finished my film final and it premiered in Sverdrup 123, and Mustardfish played Nadadada and the BFA show and the BA show, and I hung out at the art building so much I bothered to actually remember the code for Dada lab entry, and Megan & Lexie had some major falling out, and Immanuel moved to New York, and Bill Michalski and I have some show scheduled together, and Prince cancelled his in-town concert date, and Dan Thompson came back in town, and I'm finished with school for the year, and I missed more Surkranikhan shows than I'd care to mention, and I missed Rufus Wainwright both here in town and in Columbia (shucks), and...well, none of this is in order, and it's pretty sporadic anyhow; I'm prob'ly missing some key events and mentioning others that aren't so key, but who cares, right?

Yes, and then last night, nobody really knew what we were gonna do. I had pretty much forgotten that Beastor-X (Dan Meehan) was having a party until yesterday afternoon when I heard word of it on the Surkranikhan Message Board. Since it was Coire's last night in town, we all wanted to do something great. I had plans to hang out with Ana Peters, Al Younger, and Courtney Klein, though, so I didn't know if that was gonna coincide with the Coire thing. Anyway, I showed up at Al's at 10:00PM last night, and he hadn't yet returned, but I told his roommate Scott that I'd be back to check on things. I went up to Coire & Kyle's, and Jim Schulman and Coire and Kyle were there, with Coire's girlfriend (Jessica Merritt) sleeping in Kyle's room (naturally, Coire's bed was gone already). Some dude Ryan came over and Jim left with him, and the remaining three of us were pretty unsure of what on earth was going on. I had told them of Beastor's party, but they seemed unsure of just about everything, as usual. Al came up after he got back, and he called Courtney and Ana, only to find that they didn't give a damn what was going on, and I called Beastor to ask if it was all right that I bring something like 20 people (I'll do an actual attempt at a count in a minute), and he said sure, of course. Well, it was sort of decided we'd all go to Beastor's, and we figured there were so many of us, that even if nobody knew anyone there (which they wouldn't, and moreover, didn't, really), at least we'd know each other (and of course I'm tight, or at least I like to think so, with the Surkranikhan boys). So Tiffany drove my car with me in it (I had intentions of inebriation) to Beastor's and we left directions with some people, and led a caravan of others.

And DUDE. Let me tell you: It was a GREAT FRIGGIN' PARTY. I mean, even if I hadn't brought alla my friends, it woulda rocked. Lots of white wine was consumed on the part of Al, myself, and Courtney (who had won the coin flip against Ana for who would drink and who would drive). A guy named Paw Paw helped me rig up a makeshift corkscrew with an actual screw and a pair of pliers (apparently the basterds who live there aren't sissy enough to drink wine). We were hangin' out inside, and apparently at one point (I musta stepped out for a second?), Mustardfish was being cranked out on the stereo. I had this idea that Al, Ana, Courtney, and I (and also Coire, I decided later) should all go up on the footbridge over highway 170 that's right there across the street from Beastor's, and that was amazing; I'd never been on a bridge over a highway that's meant solely for foot traffic. It was great. We hung out and drank up there, and a good portion (but my no means most) of the party, including the likes of Beastor, were up there for awhile. I was lying on my back, and for whatever reason, I decided a swig of wine was in order, but since I was 100% horizontal, it got all over my face and collar and up my nose. That was about the low point of the evening, but it was such a great time that that was a pretty big "who cares?" So we chilled on the bridge, I said alla my summer goodbyes, I handed out a lot of flyers, and it was a great time in general, and just about everyone thought so (I'm not 100% sure, but I think Tiffany may've been an exception), in spite of initial intentions. In fact, earlier in the evening, Kyle had completely ruled out Beastor's as a possibility for the outlet of social engagement for the night. I noted to Tiffany on the way to the party that, even if we hadn't gone to that particular party, or even if we'd been sent away, for whatever reason, which we wouldn't have because we all pretty much behave ourselves, A)We brought so many people that we could easily have made a party just about anywhere, B)The progression from two guys sitting on a couch talking about how they don't know what they're doing in the coming hours, to alla these people that show up ready to party, was so damned interesting and anxiety-inducing and frankly, pretty funny. But we made it, and it was good.

Before party time, but after I got back from work, Amanda's family and some out-of-town friends were there, hangin' out. In fact, her sister and her sister's friend had stayed on the couch the preceding evening, so I assume her family was around for a coupla days. Matt and Amanda graduated yesterday; that was the occasion for alla this. We watched their film projects, then we watched some of mine that had to do with Matt and Amanda, then I left, and I think they did shortly thereafter.

Sara K. has pretty much moved out entirely. It's too bad; she was cool, or whatever, but she found something better. Jessica should be moving in within a matter of days.

So there's a <http://www.livejournal.com/users/mustardfish">Mustardfish</a> show on the 16th, and Flora's party on the 17th, then I think we're gonna have a party on the 18th, but I have yet to tell my roommates about it. It'll be a party for my birthday and Flora's birthday and Jaffa's birthday and perhaps Matt Smith's birthday and Jaime's birthday and everyone's graduation and the end of the school year/start of the summer in general, and a roommate moving out, and a roommate moving in, and originally, it was a going away to Europe party for me as well. However, the fact that this may not be so any longer SHOULD NOT dissuade you all from coming. Should be a bitchin' time. Directions same as last time, if you need 'em, lemme know. Dan MacDougal, are you gonna be able to make it, or will you still be in Kirksville for graduation that night, too? Cuz hell, I'm throwin' the party for you!

And yes, in spite of everything, it's been an okay year.

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