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6th Annual Xmas Round II Musical Bonanza Blowout Spectacular - NOW with MYSTERIOUS ART SHOW!

Howdy one and all, it's nearly time for the sixth annual Xmas Round II Musical Bonanza Blowout Spectacular. This year it is accompanied by a visual art show as well, featuring some pretty awesome local artists! It promises to be the HUGEst Xmas Round II celebration yet. We've got some excellent (excellent) acts coming in from out of town (Chicago), like HERC which is comprised partly of the Lord of the Yum-Yum and the reading group Three Bald Men (WARNING: The Three Bald Men, not all of whom suffer from baldness or are even men in the first place, are not all guaranteed to attend--it may be one or two "Bald Men" only). Local favorite (of mine and many others) Jesse Irwin will be making his Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center debut (it's about the only place in town he hasn't yet played). Other rarely-to-never-appearing acts and random fun occurrences are practically guaranteed. Get gussied up in yer maroon and blue and skip dinner in favor of the circus peanuts and off-brand Slim Jims, cuz they'll be in no short supply (those are XRII colors and XRII cuisine for those not in the know). It's what XRII is all about--another chance for the giving and receiving of gifts!

(Feel free to pass this message on as much as possible, or see more on the St. Louis Events of Pancake Productions for additional information.)
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