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Daxmas Time Is Here Again

For those that don't know, Sloppy Pop sensation Googolplexia (my solo project, with MustardRon's help) had this bit of clever music (if I do say so myself) on a super-sweet local compilation of rockin' Christmas tunes two years ago. It was called A Very Bert Dax Christmas and was the third annual compilation of its kind.


Obviously A Very Bert Dax Christmas is still very much a part of the elite St. Louis rock and roll cultural landscape. Volume Five was slated for release this year, and a release it indeed saw. The official release shows are this coming Friday and Saturday but the CD is already available (most notably from myself for a paltry five dollars; one full dollar less than the pre-tax price charged you for the same product at Vintage Vinyl, which is, to my knowledge, the only record store carrying it).

This notice is particularly for goons like insides and songbill, who neglected last time not only to save themselves over a dollar, but also to support their dogg jabberwocky (that's right, I just linked to my own journal). If you want this CD, all ya gotta do is slip me the five-spot and it is YOURS! Five dollars, people. There are 11 tracks of (mostly) solid gold on this thing, and all from your favorite local rockers. Only too naturally, it is also JUST IN TIME FOR THE HOLIDAYS!

I will NOT be selling the CDs this Friday, at the release show, which Mustardfish is HEADLINING. Or at least, if you want it from me (which you do), we'll have to go out to my car or something, all secret-like so as to circumnavigate the merchandise stand there at the show.

The equally awesome A Very Bert Dax Christmas, Volume Three is still in rich supply as well, and yours for the similarly great ("great" as in "spectacular" and decidedly NOT as in "large") going price of $5.

If you want a low-quality, unmastered, and very small sort of taste as to that which comprises Volume Five, you ought to download selection #2 at the page consisting of miscellaneous tracks recorded by humble St. Louis artists Mustardfish.

I intend fully to keep these discs in the car wherever I go, so feel free to approach and request one. If you live in places far and wide, feel free to request a copy be shipped, accommodations can most certainly be made.

FIVE DOLLARS! That is all.

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