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Movie POST'D

Well guys, I have finally done it. Pour Chaque «Non» has completed its glorious festival run and is now available for your perusal whenever you want.

For those that were not awesome enough to see it in theatres or other public venues, I'm sorry you aren't more awesome, but at least now you can alleviate that ever-so-slightly by seeing the movie in a super-small internet compressed version on your computer monitor. Ever-so-slightly, I said.

In case you didn't hear that, Pour Chaque «Non» is now online. You can watch my short French car movie of sorts on the web, with ultimate ease.

It runs a little over 12 minutes and the file is about 45MB. You'll need Quicktime to run 'er.

That's all dudes, enjoy and gimme all the feedback ya want (should be good for a LAUGH!). Next step: making VHS copies for those to whom they were promised (in case you didn't know, that's basically anyone who appears in the credits; if you want one LEMME KNOW), and updating the website to further reflect some changes coming soon(er than later I hope).
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