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I don't reckon I use my journal much...well, at all. But particularly to alert my friends to this or that cause. However, this one's of a more personal nature I guess, plus I'm really disgusted by the alternative that may come to pass if I don't get the word out a little more.

Awhile back my friend Todd made a movie called The Lost. It was submitted to the Third Screen Film Festival and later was bigtime in the running to win their annual competition. There's also this other movie, which is THE LOST's only real contender at present, which is basically just some idiot jabberjawin' in front of his webcam. He says dumb things, he rambles, he thinks he's funny and is absolutely not, and his voice is annoying.

Anyway, to help prevent the shudder in the space-time continuum that must surely result if that guy wins the competition, you can and should go here to view the films in competition. If you don't care about this, or wouldn't have voted anyway, just take like ten or fewer seconds, go here instead (you can also watch THE LOST there if you so choose), and vote directly for it. I don't wanna tell people how to vote, but even more than that, I don't want some idiot's movie that he made with a webcam in the course of half an hour (which translated to some of the most excruciating 8 minutes of my life) to beat out something that friends of mine spent lots of time and effort on, and which actually has a smidgen of aesthetic appeal.

OH! You can also text message "thelost" to the phone number 66937. Don't put those quotes in the text, just the text between 'em.

...And that's all for today.

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