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Keyz, And Also I Changed My Squidball Number

Ever since Ron and I went to that music store that was going out of business yesterday, and since I am supposed to play this show soon, and my keyboard doesn't currently function (I tried to fix it today, to no avail), I've been ogling keyboards online. I could apparently get one on layaway for like $15 a month? That probably entails tons of interest though, barf. Man I just want some sweet 88-key weighted action thing with voices-a-plenty. It would make practicing a more common occurrence, et c.

I wonder if there's anyplace around town that'll even fix my Casio at this point. It's some kinda electronics problem cuz it works fine when there are batteries in it, it's just the adapter won't work with the keyboard (I have a brand-new, specifically-tailored-for-this-keyboard adapter, also garnered at the music sale yesterday).

Man they also have some pretty cheap viola packages on Musician's Friend, maybe I can convince my parents & family to go into one of those for me.

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