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Apple Chancery!

Which NIRVANA song are you?

Yeah so I'm not really that big on doing these online tests, and most of them are incredibly stupid, but this one was goddamned hilarious. Thanks, Carrie.

So the party at Megan&Lexie's was apparently all crazy, but the only people there when I showed up were Megan, her boyfriend Tim, and Ron. As far as I could tell, Lexie had passed out by this time. Soon thereafter, I did some passing out of my own, on their couch, and woke up the next day to go to my parents' house to eat Easter dinner, which was pretty great. Then I went home and watched Purple Rain and Reality Bites for no good reason at all, but at least now I'm so pumped to see Prince in concert. I mean GOD DAMN. Then I found out that Fips the Cat wrote a biography of Mustardfish, which I reckon I'll post on Mustardfish's LJ sometime soon. If you're reading this and MUSTARDFISH is not on your friends list, PUT MUSTARDFISH ON YOUR FRIENDS LIST. Got that?

Then today I had French class 'til 2:00PM or so after which I came home and started working on my paper that was due for Cultural Diversity in the Media at 5:30PM. This is the class I skipped last week, mind you. Well, at any rate, about 5:00PM rolled around as I was finishing, but my printer was being some fucknut, and I couldn't get it to print any more than the first page, so I connected to the internet really quickly (luckily I was able to do so; knowing my computer and my internet connection, it's rather a marvel that it connects at all), and had to try a few times before I could get the thing sent to my professor. As I was trying to get the printer to work, I knocked over some glass of Pepsi, and that's the sort of thing you don't just wanna let sit for four hours, so I had to clean that up to a point of non-stickyness as well. Then I left for class, and it was about 5:30PM (when class starts, mind you). I arrived at the downtown campus around 6:00PM, and nobody was in the classroom, save one guy that didn't look familiar from the only other time I'd been to the class. I approached him about it, and he said he wasn't a student but that he'd heard that a class was to meet in that room around 6:30PM. Strange. I went upstairs and looked all around to see if maybe the class had relocated, but they hadn't. Then I went back to the classroom and looked at the syllabus that said something about having a guest speaker today. I recalled the professor saying that perhaps it'd be a guest speaker, but it might be a field trip, but that the odds were totally with guest speaker. Well, I waited around for a little longer on the assumption that, if the class had met elsewhere, a note would have most certainly been affixed to the regular class meeting room. I waited 'til about 6:20PM, when some guy who I know was in my class walked in and was like "Hey, do you have those questions for the journal entry that was due today?" and I was like "Oh, so you missed last week, too?" which apparently he had. Well, he informed me (as my professor had not) that class was to meet at 6:30PM that night for the guest speaker. Some other class people showed up and then Ron Harris of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch showed up as our guest speaker. Our professor never came, I think she said something about being out of town. The guest speaker was pretty interesting, but I was trying to figure out a logical and conducive schedule for next semester. So anyway, instead of being a half hour late, as I thought I was, I was in fact a half hour early! Plus, we got out an hour later, which was two hours earlier than regular classtime. That was a bonus.

When I got home, there were messages from Al and Brad. I'd forgotten that last night I was supposed to shoot a porn with Hannah and Alex, but we decided upon another time to shoot it. I then called Brad and hung out with he and Megan at Megan's until Megan went to the recording studio with Nineteen or some junk, then Brad and I drove around listening to Kreiser and (Johann) Strauss (Jr.) and Gershwin, and then we hung out at Coffee Cartel for no good reason for awhile, and then returned here to get our drink on and listen to some Beach Boys. Instead, we listened to some Pixies, then some covers of Pixies songs, then some Lamont Dozier, then some Beatles, and finally, after we convinced Megan to come pick us up and take us to get some fries, we listened and danced to some Beach Boys. Then we got some fries at Courtesy on Kingshighway and played some musical word lyric games and stuff and then they took me back here. It was a pretty great night all in all.

Now it's so late that it's early, and that means bedtime. Wakeup time is in like five hours. Does anyone know if In Media Res is still playing a show at the Hi-Pointe on Wednesday?

Oh, and one last time,
GET INTO MUSTARDFISH, like Fips the Cat says! That's all. LateR.

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