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Awesome Video Game

Guys my friend regentag showed me this awesome computer game called Cave Story. You'll need to download the English translation patch if (like me) you don't know Japanese. It's good to go on Macintosh AND Windows platforms; I'd recommend downloading the Macintosh version here (it's all in Japanese, just click on the link on the light blue background that says "1.6MB," then either wait five seconds or click on the only link on the screen, then at the new screen, click the link directly below the first screenshot on the page; that'll download the DMG file and ya know what to do from there).

I think of it as kind of a Metroid/Castlevania/Super Mario Bros. 2/Mega Man hybrid. If you know those games are as awesome as I know they are, you'd do best to download this bad boy post-haste. It's freeware and is super-tight. I have been playing it tons lately and am almost finished. This game was made like two years ago as kind of a throwback to earlier, simpler video games that didn't require controllers with 18 directional pads on them, so if you fear PS2 or XBox or whatever-the-hell because they have 92 buttons per controller, this is the kind of game that coulda easily been played with good ol' A, B, Select, Start, and the ONE directional pad.

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