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I recently received the Entertainment Weekly "Great American Pop
Culture Quiz" day calendar for my birthday. This may seem odd, as it
is currently June, but this tends to be a tradition in my
family--receiving calendars extremely late in the year, that is.

Anyway, this morning I was catching up to today's date for actual
implementation of the calendar, and I came upon the question for
Tuesday, May 2nd, 2006, which reads:

"Name the only four actors to ever win Oscars for their on-screen
performances in back-to-back years."

Knowing there to actually be (at least) FIVE such actors (but only
five, to my knowledge), I quickly flipped the page, hoping that indeed
the question contained a typographical error, having substituted "four"
where "five" was meant.

Alas, no: I found the printed answer to mention Katharine Hepburn,
Spencer Tracy, Jason Robards, and Tom Hanks. No mention whatsoever was
made of Luise Rainer, the FIRST person to win back-to-back Oscars for
acting (the only two for which she was ever nominated, at that--for
1936's THE GREAT ZIEGFIELD and 1937's THE GOOD EARTH). Ms. Rainer is
even still alive today, which is more than can be said of three of the
four actors mentioned in your calendar's answer to the incorrect

I realize it is too late to edit this for the release of the calendar,
and chances are pretty good that you've been alerted to this or
otherwise realized it already. Just thought I'd point it out! On the
whole, it is a good calendar, and I thank you for making it.

Robert Severson
St. Louis, Missouri, USA

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