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Holy Shit, An Update! NOT!

Holy shit, my film won an award at the East Lansing Film Festival! Check it OUT! (All the way at the bottom, but still, it's an award, and I won. SO THERE!)

Also, if you haven't seen the movie yet, and are sick of me trying to pester you about doing so, there is another St. Louis screening scheduled: this coming Saturday, May 6th, at Winifred Moore Auditorium at 6:00PM. 470 East Lockwood Avenue. Playin' as part of the Webster University Film Festival, and that band PRIDE OF VICTORY of which I'm a member is also playing during some kind of intermission at the festival. Should be bitching dudes!

I don't know what other movies are playing but all were made by Webster University students and are therefore bound to be pretty worth-seeing. They were supposed to release a list on Friday, but they didn't. They also told me to keep quiet that my film had been accepted until they posted the results, but since they didn't keep their half of the bargain, I feel no need to do so either. Come see it buds!!

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